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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Download Inescapable (2013) Director : Ruba Nadda Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller Release Date : 02/22/2013 Run Time : 93min. Starring : Marisa Tomei, Joshua Jackson, Alexander Siddig, Oded Fehr, Saad Siddiqui Distributor : IFC Films

Plot: Tells the story of a Syrian expatriate (Alexander Siddig) whose journalist daughter goes missing in Damascus. He returns to his homeland to find her and calls on a former flame (Marisa Tomei) to help him, as well as an embassy official (Joshua Jackson) who may have an agenda of his own.

This politically charged and emotionally powerful thriller follows a successful businessman who suddenly finds his life turned upside down when his journalist daughter goes missing during her trip to his hometown of Damascus. He knows that the reason for his exile is tied to his daughter's disappearance. His first trip home in over 30 years turns into a frantic quest to rescue his daughter while reconnecting with the love of his life.

Here is the first trailer to view the look of Inescapable (2013) :

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